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Older Child Still Bedwetting Was Enough to Seek The Right Treatment

family04My wife and two of her brothers experienced bed wetting.  We were not prepared for both our children continuing to wet the bed over the age of 8.  Neither sibling wanted to attend camp or sleep over at friends.  We started seeing this really stunt their social growth and decided we need real expert care for bedwetting.

We just completed treatment for our second son.  We selected the Enuresis Treatment Center for assistance with both our boys.  Could not believe our older child still bedwetting, and entered him in treatment at age 12.  Our second son was still wetting the bed at 9 and once we completed treatment for the 12 year old, he was next.

Both my wife and I finally realized our sons were not going to outgrow bed-wetting.  We found that statement from our pediatrician “Don’t worry, they will outgrow the bedwetting” to be absurd and decided to move on to a specialist in the field of bedwetting.

We received the finest care and consideration throughout their course of treatment.  Each child had different symptoms and needs to address, and working with Theresa Ray was the perfect match.

We chose this bed wetting treatment program because of their 40 years of experience.  Who can beat that?  The depth of understanding regarding all the pieces that needed to come together in order to put an end to their bedwetting was very impressive.  Most importantly, the serious deep sleep disorder that both boys had experienced for years was finally ended.  Previously, mornings were a real chore – we dealt with difficultly awaking them, foggy brains, irritability and wet sheets.  Now, it is a totally different way to begin their day.

Thank you,

Thomas G.
Dad of three -Ann Arbor, Michigan


Thanks Thomas!  Success stories from families are always appreciated.  Click here for more success stories:


Physician Recommends Bedwetting Treatment Program


A mom, who happens to also be a physician, was searching for help for her daughter, who continued to wet the bed.  She was so pleased to find a solution to end bedwetting that she sent a typed letter of thanks to the Enuresis Treatment Center.


Dear Barbara;

My daughter was treated by your center recently.  We would like to thank you for all your help and support.  She is doing well and is happy to have completed the program.  She is pleased that she continues to be dry.  She says she feels more confident that she can spend the night with friends or relatives without worrying that she will wet the bed.We would like to thank Theresa for her guidance.  It was a pleasure to work with her.  Her patience and flexibility was appreciated when we had to change appointments at times.  She was simply wonderful to us and we cannot begin to express our depth of gratitude.

As a physician, I feel confident that I can recommend your program to my patients and families.  As a parent, I am pleased with our positive outcome and relieved to know that my daughter now feels confident and unburdened.

Once again, thank you for your help.


Dr. Tara



Well Established Program Solves Teen’s Bedwetting

I contacted your clinic  over a year ago when my son was a senior in high school and had been a bedwetter all his life.  Like other parents, we too had tried a number of different approaches, including DDAVP early on, but nothing worked.  Our four children were all bedwetters–two ended early between ages 5-7, and one not until age 14.  Sadly, our son was the extreme case.

Desperate to find a solution, I came across the your website, read all the information and many testimonials, then had a consultation by phone.  I was so relieved to find a well-established program with such a high international success rate for bedwetters of all ages that did not involve medications, invasive procedures, doctor visits, or psychobabble.  The greatest revelation was learning this condition is actually a sleep disorder, which made perfect sense.  And the greatest encouragement was that it could be treated quite naturally and effectively.

While our hope was to complete the program within 6 months, such a long-term problem actually took my son longer.  However, through much perseverance and diligence to follow the treatment plan, which was so individualized to his needs, he just successfully graduated the course—three months before his 19th birthday!  This was a huge milestone, and we are so thankful for everyone at your clinic and the consistent support and encouragement from our counselor Claudia.

Treatment Advisor, Claudia Minvielle

Treatment Advisor, Claudia Minvielle

We will highly recommend this program to anyone facing the same problem.  Please add us as a reference.

Parents, please contact the Center for Bedwetting Treatment today.

Sally H.

A grateful mother, St. Petersburg, FL, March 2014