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Bedwetting: My Hope For Help Started To Grow


I am writing this letter to thank you the most amazing people in the world, everyone at the Center for Bedwetting Treatment in Michigan.  Thank you for giving me the ability to live a normal life like any other kid.  I was so lucky to get this opportunity of meeting you and working with you.  Your “Stop Bedwetting Program” made me realize that any problem can have a solution.

Every time I had visited doctors (pediatricians and pediatric urologist) before – and I have visited sooooo many – they always used to tell me that my bedwetting will go away when I grow up, and that I would need to take medication till it does go away.  I aways dreaded that this problem will stay with me all my life and I did not like the idea of taking drugs for it either.

When I entered your program, hope started to grow, and as improvements started, I began to have FAITH that I might really be able to get rid of my oh so disturbing problem.

My parents have helped me all my life.  My life was simply boring.  I was not able to do what I always wanted to do which was sleep over at friends or cousins or going out camping.  Whenever I did do any of these, which was very rare, it was always with worries and use of medications which I only used in such events.  It was very hard to cope with this and I always dreaded anyone knowing about the bedwetting.  Bullying is a reality here…

When we found your wonderful website, my parents and I read everything.  To tell you the truth, the letters made me realize I was not alone, and you knew how to help me.

We decided to drive to the clinic.  The first meeting with Barbara was so relaxed and it helped me calm down a little bit.  I was shy and uncomfortable at the beginning.  Lorie became our treatment advisor, and was very nice, kind, caring and helpful and explained everything.  Lorie took us step-by-step through a treatment plan that made me feel like “Wow, this is so thorough and makes so much sense.”  When the last day of treatment finally came I was ecstatic, however I felt sad at the same time.  I was going to miss talking to Lorie who helped me and with whom I shared my most embarrassing secret.

Now I am living a life of a NORMAL KID with no worries none whatsoever about wetting my bed.  I feel that your program, Lorie and Barbara gave me back my life.

I would like to send a message to al the other kids who face a problem similar to mine:  You can have a normal life just like me and like hundreds of other kids.  I hope that you will be privileged enough to have someone like Nurse Lorie help you. Thank you.

I will never be able to thank you and the Center for Bedwetting Treatment Staff enough!


Kim O.  15



Bedwetting Solved. Now He Can Go To Summer Camp.

Parents send us letters and emails regarding their experience with our bedwetting treatment program.  A family from Houston just completed treatment and were so pleased with our bedwetting solution.

“We wanted to pass along a quick update and thank you for all your help with the program for our son. Prior to finding the your bedwetting specialist – Enuresis Treatment Center, we were at our wits end. Our son just turned 8, and he was wetting the bed 4-6 nights per week. We had tried everything from restricting his fluid intake during and after dinner, and we were even setting our alarm to get up and go take him to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It was exhausting for him and us. That offered some short-term relief, but none of it was solving the underlying issue of his sleep habits. He was deep-sleep bed wetting, and often, when we would go up to wake him, he would be in such a clouded state, he would look right at you and not hear what you were telling him.

After finding your bedwetting program while researching online,  and speaking to one of your staff, we learned that his sleep patterns were not allowing his brain to recognize when he had to go to the bathroom and wake him up to go. Subsequently, he was still deep in his sleep rather than sleep cycling, and his bladder signals weren’t getting to his brain, so his body would just release urine.

Once we learned more about how his sleep cycle was working, we realized that restricting fluids  and getting him up in the night wasn’t going to fix the problem. This very heavy sleep (which I always thought was good sleep!) needed to be corrected first. Our son was very embarrassed about this problem. He wouldn’t have anyone spend the night, or go to summer camp activities for fear that he might wet the bed. Of course, we were equally concerned, but we didn’t know what to do, and trying all the home remedies on the internet wasn’t going to fix his sleep patterns.

When we called the clinic, you were extremely helpful. We were put in touch with a director, and we did a 1 hour consultation to discuss our son’s symptoms. We learned so much, had no idea how complex this problem is as they become an older child still bed wetting!  We decided to begin the programs and after about 2 months, our son began experiencing some big victories. We made such a big deal about it when he first got up on his own in the middle of the night to go. He came running down to our bedroom just beaming at about 1 am, flipped on the light and said, “Guess what? I have to go, and I woke up on my own!My brain is finally getting it.” We were so proud of him, and so thankful for the your true “how to stop bedwetting” program. Over the next few weeks and months, he began going for days and weeks at a time with little to no accidents at all. He hadn’t done this ever before. Needless to say, we were thrilled, and we started seeing him get his confidence back. We remember vividly when he went the entire month with no accidents, even when he would go to bed later, or have lots of fluids before bed. It’s been wonderful.

End Bedwetting Then Summer Camp

We’re going on about 3 months now post graduation, and he hasn’t had a bedwetting accident. He’s thrilled, and so are we. We have a confident little boy now, and he recently asked if he could go to summer camp this year. That is a huge step that never would have been possible without you. We are so glad we found your program and wholeheartedly recommend you. Thank you again for everything.”




Dave and Jen

Houston, Texas

21 Year Old Bed Wetter Finds Cure

Lorie P., R.N., Enuresis Treatment CenterI was 21 years old when i found the Enuresis Treatment Center. I felt as though a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders when i discovered their program. I had been a bedwetter my whole life and had many discouraging life experiences and doctor visits due to bed wetting. I was told that i should outgrow the problem when i reached my young adult years. At 21, shouldn’t i have outgrown my bedwetting already? When i was a child, i wet the bed heavily. As i matured, my bed wetting dissapated but i never outgrew the prblem. As i was approaching my young adult years, the problem was still lingering.

At sleepovers and overnight camps, i hid my bed wetting by wearing a big incontinence pull up. I also had to sleep on plastic, which was hot. I wouldn’t want any leaks on the mattress. I would choose to stay awake all night in fear of going to sleep, that i might wet the bed. I hated to loose my sleep at night and feeling very fatigued the whole week at camp and weekend of the sleepover. I also had many failed attempts at hiding my bed wetting. I even decided to share rooms many times with my friends at sleepovers, camp, and even college. My urine would leak through the pull up, the mattress, and would leave a nasty odor in the room. After that happened, i decided that i could not deal with this problem all of my life. I have traveled a lot with my family too and the problem was getting in the way of me wanting to go on more trips. I woke up in the morning at my home, drenched in urine with a very nasty odor due to this problem. I also woke up not feeling very rested, had to do loads of laundry, and was very upset. It would come and go.
As i reached my young adulthood, i finally had enough of my problem and wanted to find a cure for good. I went to many doctor appointments in hoping to find a cure. I was prescribed DDAVP when i was a child. It helped a little, but didn’t cure the whole problem and was also expensive medication. I was told that i would grow out of it eventually when i was older. Also, I was told this probelm was due to my deep sleep. I went to a urologist in hoping to find a cure for my problem. I was told that nothing physically was wrong with me. No luck, nothing worked. I actually wished that something physically was wrong with me, so that they could find a cure. I stopped seeing the urologist after failed attempts to cure me. My Mother, who is a Family Nurse Practioner and a Registered Nurse was even baffled at how to help me with my bed wetting issue. I was very frustrated as nothing seemed to be wrong with me and i didn’t find a cure to my problem. It was odd that doctors found me to be medically normal as i felt there was something wrong.
I went to my computer and googled bed wetting on my computer and just happened to come across the Eneuresis Treatment Center. I read stories of young adults on the webpage and felt as i was reading my own story. I called to set up a phone consultation. It was uncomfortable, at first, openly sharing my story with anyone other than my parents. As i was talking, i began to feel at ease. They told me that it was not my bladder, but my deep sleep pattern that was causing my bed wetting! It suddenly made sense. I have been a deep sleeper all of my life, i could sleep through fire alarms and really bad thunderstorms. I entered treatment for my bed wetting immediately.
I worked with treatment specialist, Lorie and can not say enough nice things about her. She had encouraging words and patience with me. It was through her help and guiadance that made me feel at ease. She helped me and so many good changes happened and then my problem was resolved! It was such a relief and to know that i never have to deal with bed wetting ever again was so liberating! This program and the center has been such a blessing in my life!
Thanks to everyone at the Eneuresis Clinic!
A 22 year old female from Indianna.