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Myths the medical community perpetuate.

Physician Recommends Bedwetting Treatment Program


A mom, who happens to also be a physician, was searching for help for her daughter, who continued to wet the bed.  She was so pleased to find a solution to end bedwetting that she sent a typed letter of thanks to the Enuresis Treatment Center.


Dear Barbara;

My daughter was treated by your center recently.  We would like to thank you for all your help and support.  She is doing well and is happy to have completed the program.  She is pleased that she continues to be dry.  She says she feels more confident that she can spend the night with friends or relatives without worrying that she will wet the bed.We would like to thank Theresa for her guidance.  It was a pleasure to work with her.  Her patience and flexibility was appreciated when we had to change appointments at times.  She was simply wonderful to us and we cannot begin to express our depth of gratitude.

As a physician, I feel confident that I can recommend your program to my patients and families.  As a parent, I am pleased with our positive outcome and relieved to know that my daughter now feels confident and unburdened.

Once again, thank you for your help.


Dr. Tara



Bedwetting Scare Tactic

mean_doctor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    I just completed a consultation with a mom from Canada. In addition to the chronic bedwetting, her son, 9.5, has been experiencing daytime urgencies, frequencies and leaking. At his last visit with their pediatrician, her son was told he was lazy, and should be trying harder. Mom said she shocked and saw her son shrink in shame from hearing those negative comments. Their doctor also dismissed mom’s concerns even when mom shared that her niece, 19, was still wetting the bed.

I responded with “How sad for you and your son. We wish doctors would listen more to parents. Please contact your pediatrician and tell him to contact our clinic.”

“We will take the time to explain more about sleep disorder that is causing the chronic bedwetting and the toll untreated bedwetting can take.”

Mom replied, “If this is what he is telling my son, he may be misinforming and scaring other children who wet the bed. How does that help children stop wetting the bed? ”

If you have had a similar experience, please share your story or contact us for help:  Center for Bedwetting Treatment, 800.379.2331


A Common Mistake Even Pediatricians Make

We have discovered that several pediatrician blogs, when discussing bedwetting, state that children are “not bothered by the fact that they are wet at night”.

Our experience at the Center for Bedwetting Treatment strongly contradicts those statements.  Children who wet the bed, as young as five years old, even if they do not verbalize their distress, almost universally feel shame, a sense of being “different” from other children and live in the fear of the discovery of their problem.

Enuresis-Treatment-Center-Pediatrician-MistakeBedwetters are vulnerable to low self-esteem, feelings of frustration, pent up anger  or sadness, all resulting from the wet sheets that pediatricians frequently down play.