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Adult Bedwetter Has Not Told Girlfriend – What To Do

An adult wrote a “Dear Abby” letter regarding bedwetting which we posted below.

I reviewed the letter written by an adult bedwetter who has not revealed to his girlfriend that he continues to wet the bed.  Parents turn to their medical community – Pediatrician, Physicians, Urologist looking for answers.  Children hear “Don’t worry, you will outgrow this” year after year.  At age 27, this man has experienced multiple failures and zero solutions.

For 39 years my clinic has been effectively treating chronic bedwetting. The staff has a great deal of experience working with teenagers and adults.  Chronic bedwetting is a symptom, not the real problem.  A genetically passed deep sleep disorder is the reason this 27 year old continues to wet the bed.

Our website has a section for adults to help them understand what is going on and to give them a place to take a loved one to clearly explain the reason someone continues wetting the bed.

Effective treatment is available for children, teenagers and adults.  We want to give the man a chance to live his life and wake up every morning to a dry bed.  Please visit our website for more information.


Barbara J. Moore

Founder – The Center for Bedwetting Treatment


DEAR ANNIE: My girlfriend of two years has just asked whether we should move in together. I am currently living with my parents, so we would be living at her place.

I’m not sure how to respond to “Dayna’s” request. I don’t want her to think I don’t like her. But at the age of 27, I still wet the bed. Whenever I am at Dayna’s place, I never let myself fall asleep for fear of soiling both her mattress and our relationship. I always find a reason to leave before morning. How do I broach this subject with her? — Bedwetter

DEAR BEDWETTER: Childhood enuresis that persists into adulthood often runs in families. First, see your doctor to find out whether you can get this under control. Discuss medications and exercises to increase bladder capacity. Limit your beverage intake so you aren’t drinking past late afternoon. Alcohol and caffeine can aggravate the condition.

You are under no obligation to move in with Dayna regardless of the reason. But this issue is likely to come up at some point in the future, so you should work on the conversation you will need to have. It is important that you be honest, that you make it clear that you are working on it (which you should be) and that you will take precautions so she is not inconvenienced. We hope she will care enough about you to be understanding.



Bedwetting Help Sought By 28 Year Old Male – Last Hope for Normal Life

I am a 28yr old male who has always struggled with the embarrassing secret  of  wetting the bed constantly at an older age. When I was younger, my parents diligently did all they could to help me overcome the problem and i can recall scores of visits to the doctors, various gizmo’s, gadgets, alarms, plans, programs, and medication, all with no long term results. In recent years, I had come to my wits end with attempting to rid myself of what I call ‘the curse’ in my life. Work trips, holidays, staying overnight at friends, families, and even girlfriends houses become a nightmare that I have tried to avoid like the plague. After seeing yet another relationship fail due to my low self esteem and fear of staying the night at a house other than my own, i decided to research the problem a little more on the internet. I was disappointed overall because most advice had already been tried and tested and failed. Doctors said I was simply 1 of those 1% in the population that had this problem and nothing could be done.

Now I have also always had a sleep problem. One that doctors have said is unusual and nothing can be done about it. One where I sleep very very deeply. So deeply in fact, that my mother used to say that the house could fall down around me and I would still sleep on. The sleeping problem has always been a separate concern for me with losing more than one job in my past due to the inability to even hear my alarm in the morning. The sleeping problem hasn’t been a great issue over the last year though as I work nights now, go straight to bed when i get home in the morning and have the luxury of plenty of time to sleep till whatever time during the day and still having time before I have to go to work. But the bedwetting remains an issue. However it has often occurred to me that the two must be related. But alas, I have not been able to to find any information on the two being related until today when I found your website. It was almost as if I had found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Everything your website speaks about is exactly spot on!!! You absolutely do know bed wetting and it’s obvious. You clearly tackle the sleeping problem first and it is clearly what affects the bedwetting as well just as I suspected. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I now have hope and must know more!

This is my last hope for a normal life. Please help me.

Kind Regards


The Center for Bedwetting Treatment offers treatment for children, teenagers, and adults.


21 Year Old Bed Wetter Finds Cure

Lorie P., R.N., Enuresis Treatment CenterI was 21 years old when i found the Enuresis Treatment Center. I felt as though a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders when i discovered their program. I had been a bedwetter my whole life and had many discouraging life experiences and doctor visits due to bed wetting. I was told that i should outgrow the problem when i reached my young adult years. At 21, shouldn’t i have outgrown my bedwetting already? When i was a child, i wet the bed heavily. As i matured, my bed wetting dissapated but i never outgrew the prblem. As i was approaching my young adult years, the problem was still lingering.

At sleepovers and overnight camps, i hid my bed wetting by wearing a big incontinence pull up. I also had to sleep on plastic, which was hot. I wouldn’t want any leaks on the mattress. I would choose to stay awake all night in fear of going to sleep, that i might wet the bed. I hated to loose my sleep at night and feeling very fatigued the whole week at camp and weekend of the sleepover. I also had many failed attempts at hiding my bed wetting. I even decided to share rooms many times with my friends at sleepovers, camp, and even college. My urine would leak through the pull up, the mattress, and would leave a nasty odor in the room. After that happened, i decided that i could not deal with this problem all of my life. I have traveled a lot with my family too and the problem was getting in the way of me wanting to go on more trips. I woke up in the morning at my home, drenched in urine with a very nasty odor due to this problem. I also woke up not feeling very rested, had to do loads of laundry, and was very upset. It would come and go.
As i reached my young adulthood, i finally had enough of my problem and wanted to find a cure for good. I went to many doctor appointments in hoping to find a cure. I was prescribed DDAVP when i was a child. It helped a little, but didn’t cure the whole problem and was also expensive medication. I was told that i would grow out of it eventually when i was older. Also, I was told this probelm was due to my deep sleep. I went to a urologist in hoping to find a cure for my problem. I was told that nothing physically was wrong with me. No luck, nothing worked. I actually wished that something physically was wrong with me, so that they could find a cure. I stopped seeing the urologist after failed attempts to cure me. My Mother, who is a Family Nurse Practioner and a Registered Nurse was even baffled at how to help me with my bed wetting issue. I was very frustrated as nothing seemed to be wrong with me and i didn’t find a cure to my problem. It was odd that doctors found me to be medically normal as i felt there was something wrong.
I went to my computer and googled bed wetting on my computer and just happened to come across the Eneuresis Treatment Center. I read stories of young adults on the webpage and felt as i was reading my own story. I called to set up a phone consultation. It was uncomfortable, at first, openly sharing my story with anyone other than my parents. As i was talking, i began to feel at ease. They told me that it was not my bladder, but my deep sleep pattern that was causing my bed wetting! It suddenly made sense. I have been a deep sleeper all of my life, i could sleep through fire alarms and really bad thunderstorms. I entered treatment for my bed wetting immediately.
I worked with treatment specialist, Lorie and can not say enough nice things about her. She had encouraging words and patience with me. It was through her help and guiadance that made me feel at ease. She helped me and so many good changes happened and then my problem was resolved! It was such a relief and to know that i never have to deal with bed wetting ever again was so liberating! This program and the center has been such a blessing in my life!
Thanks to everyone at the Eneuresis Clinic!
A 22 year old female from Indianna.