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Jahi McMath: Tonsillectomy to Treat Bedwetting, Outrageous and Dangerous!

Bedwetting and Tonsillectomy, Jahi McMathThe tragic brain death of 13 year, Jahi McMath, the result of her tonsillectomy, to treat her bedwetting, among her other conditions as reported on CNN Health website December 18, 2013 provides an egregious and dangerous example of the misunderstanding about the disorder and its treatment.

Had Jahi been our patient, her sleep apnea, inability to concentrate, and short attention span would have been understood as the classic consequence of her bedwetting and not a cluster of symptoms requiring a tonsillectomy.

With 39 years of experience, our highly effective treatment of bedwetting would have ended Jahi’s symptoms, improved the quality of her life in a multitude of ways, and, most importunately, kept her alive, facing a new life without the burden of her bedwetting.

 The American Academy of Otolaryngology’s assertion that tonsillectomy cures bedwetting only serves to perpetuate this dangerous treatment.

It legitimatizes it, putting children like Jahi in potentially harms way.

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Why Would Goodnites Claim Bedwetting Is Untreatable?

Kimberly Clark’s July 2, promotion announcing it’s new “discreet pant to help bedwetting kids build confidence” was unforgivible.  Kimberly Clark’s motive to help itself to profit at the expense of the psychological suffering of millions of children who wet the bed, is blatant and represents the worst example of corporate behavior.

In the release, Kimberly Clark trots out Ms Jen Wilder, Goodnites brand director who states, “Many parents are unaware that bedwetting is a developmental condition that cannot be overcome through training and it affects 1 in 6 kids between the ages of 4 -12 years old”.

Declaring bedwetting untreatable justifies the use of Goodnites for children and keeps Kimberly Clark corporate coffers filled.  Ms. Wilder is blatantly lying, and she knows it; so does Kimberly Clark.  Her statement is unconscionable.

Bedwetting (enuresis) is a highly treatable disorder that can be effectively and permanently ended with a regime that addresses it’s cause – a deep sleep disorder.  Thousands of bedwetters, children and adults, have been successfully treated and have attained the REAL confidence that results from dry nights.

Goodnites are diapers, no more, no less. They are very convenient to the desperate parent trying to solve a problem.  A bedwetter wants to wake up dry, more than they want to wake up in a dry bed.  Diapers may keep the bed dry but not the bedwetter.

Imagine a seven year old child hiding the bedwetting by wearing a diaper at night, waking up to a dry bed but soaked in his/her own urine.  Now imagine having to hide the diaper and contend with the odor of urine soaking his/her body.  More terror of being discovered.

This is the “confidence” that wearing Goodnites provides to children.

Kimberly Clark should be ashamed.  The real shame is, that it isn’t.

Author:   Lyle Danuloff, Ph.D. , Consulting Psychologist to the Center for Bedwetting Treatment

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GoodNites Brand Introduces New Discreet Pant To Help Bedwetting Kids Build Confidence

Experts offer advice on how to approach overnight occasions for a summer full of better nights and beyond
PR NewswirePress Release: Kimberly-Clark Corporation – Tue, Jul 2, 2013 8:00 AM EDT

Kimberly-Clark brand, is helping bedwetting kids feel confident overnight with a new design that fits more like real underwear. For nearly 20 years, GoodNites has helped parents manage their children’s bedwetting condition by providing products to keep bedding drier every night at home and when spending nights away. With summertime comes fun overnight occasions, but for the millions of children who wet the bed, these events can prove out of reach. In many cases, these kids refrain from participating in social events when their nighttime routine makes them self-conscious and even ashamed. New GoodNites Underwear can help kids boost their self-esteem by empowering them to participate without drawing unwanted attention to their condition.

This summer, along with the new design, GoodNites is encouraging parents and children to go “undercover” by managing bedwetting like a top-secret mission. Parents can and enter the Undercover Mission Sweepstakes from June 26 through Oct. 1 to unlock codesto mission details and weekly spy-themed prizes. All entrants will automatically be in the running for a grand prize of a secret mission trip to Southern California.

“Many parents are unaware that bedwetting is a developmental condition that cannot be overcome through training, and it affects 1 out of every 6 kids between the ages of 4-12 years old,”said Jen Wilder, GoodNites brand director for Kimberly-Clark Corp. “We want to provide effectivebedwetting solutions and also educate parents on how to best support their child. This new Undercover Mission will help make the journey easier for their children.”


Bedwetting Advice For Parents from Chicago Tribune

By Heidi Stevens, Tribune NewspapersHeidi-Stevens-Chicago-Tribune-Bedwetting-Article
April 10, 2012

Parent Advice for Bed Wetting Issues

(from our panel of staff contributors)

If the child has been reliably dry for a couple of years and is now wetting the bed, I’d rule out medical issues first (those urinary tract infections are a headache, especially for girls), then look to emotional upsets. (I’m sure you’d know if there’s a new sibling in the house, but there may be something at school.) And don’t overreact to an occasional accident, which is easy for me to say, since my kids are grown and not using my bedding anymore.

— Maureen Hart

Expert advice

“Bed wetters of all ages suffer more than their parents or pediatrician may know,” says clinical psychologist Lyle Danuloff. “Children as young as 5 often live with feelings of fear of discovery, shame, low self-esteem and feeling different.”

So address the issue, by all means. But address it with care and patience.

“Bed wetting is not your child or teenagers anyone’s fault,” says Danuloff, who works as a consultant with the the Center for Bedwetting Treatment, a clinic that helps patients overcome chronic bed wetting. “Our findings point to a deep sleep that prevents the brain from responding to the bladder’s signal.”

Danuloff and pediatrician Jennifer Trachtenberg recommend these steps:

Call your doctor. “I always recommend visiting a physician for evaluation,” says Trachtenberg. “Medical issues including urinary tract infection, diabetes and constipation may be the cause.”

Understand the brain’s role. “In 99 percent of all bed wetting cases — based upon our research of tens of thousands of documented cases — the root cause is sleeping so deeply,” says Danuloff. “The bladder sends the signal to the brain that it wants to empty but the brain fails to either wake you up or send the signal to the bladder to stay closed. The signal gets sent, but it doesn’t get received.”

Root out possible causes. If the bed-wetting is happening after months or years of nighttime dryness, the deep sleep could be brought on by life stressors — trouble at school, a new sibling, an illness, says Danuloff. You may not be able to eliminate the source of stress, but knowing what’s triggering the change in sleep patterns can give you some idea whether the bed-wetting needs medical attention.

Comfort your child. “When a bed wetting incident occurs, this is a time when the child will most likely feel embarrassed and down,” says Trachtenberg. “It’s important for parents to keep up a positive attitude, as this will help keep their child’s self-confidence and self-esteem up.”

Skip the lectures. “All you need to say to your child is ‘Let’s get you up and change the sheets. ” says Danuloff. “Don’t criticize your child. Don’t shame your child. They are waiting for you to solve this problem. ”

Seek treatment … If the problem persists and no underlying medical issue, such as a urinary tract infection, is identified, you may want to enlist the help of a bedwetting treatment clinic, such as Danuloff’s (, which offers a unique treatment approach and works with patients all over the world.

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