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Bedwetting Myth: Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy revealed on the Dr. Oz show that she wet her bed.  It is unfortunate that Jenny McCarthy’s still believes that a scary movie traumatized her into bedwetting.  Jenny just added to the many myths regarding bedwetting.  As a mother, Jenny was motivated to find the core problem regarding her son’s Autism.  It is time to understand that the bedwetting Jenny McCarthy suffered until ten was the result of a deep sleep disorder that she inherited.

Celebrities Jamie Foxx, Suzanne Sommers, Sarah Silverman, rapper Kitty Pride have disclosed they were bedwetters.  I am not sure what they were hoping to achieve by disclosing this symptom from their childhood.

Children, teenagers and adult who continue wetting their beds suffer more than their parents and pediatricians know.  Telling a ten year old or a sixteen year old to keep waiting and someday you will outgrow the bedwetting is a sad, dismissive reply. It is not statistically correct.  Dr. Dryer, Pediatrician for the Doctor Radio Show, stated that 1 in 100 adults continue wetting the bed.  That means it continues into adulthood.

The only way to end bedwetting successfully is to recognize that the problem is a SYMPTOM resulting from a genetically determined and transferred deep sleep disorder.  Until the underlying sleep disorder is addressed, a child or teenager will continue to wet the bed, frequently have daytime “accidents” and suffer from the psychological distress that the disorder can cause.

Please visit to learn more about bedwetting and poor quality deep sleep. McCarthy Bed Wetting As A Child

Jenny said that she used to wet the bed until she was 10 years old.  She said that she believed that The Exorcist is a true story as a child so she slept with her three sisters to protect each other from Satan and getting possessed.  She said that this trauma is what caused her bed wetting while growing up.

Jenny’s mom threatened to start putting diapers back on them if they continued to wet the bed.  So, they secretly would wash the sheets down in the basement.. They were more afraid of Satan that what they were of their mom’s threat to put the kids back into diapers.