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Bed Wetting Help – Nine Year Old Wants Help

Dr. Lyle Danuloff read the “funny story” below and thought it was sad that a parent of a nine year old did not feel bad about her son continuing to wet the bed.  Children do not want to have conversations about bedwetting, they want a parent to find a solution.

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The Center for Bedwetting Treatment is a clinic that has been successfully treating all age groups since 1975.  A nine year old that continues to wet the bed is experiencing a sleep problem that continues to produce a symptom of bed wetting.  In other words, they sleep so deeply they cannot wake up.

Advice from a medical profession to simply wait until they outgrow it instead of recognizing the sleep problem is the wrong advice. and hearing it would be the craziest thing.

-Parents Hear the Craziest Things – posted in a blog

I have to share this funny story a mother of a 9 year-old recently told me. Her son has had bedwetting every night of his life and it’s been bothering him more now that he’s older. They’ve had more conversations about bedwetting and treatments. She happens to be a medical professional so frequently uses medical terminology.

One recent morning, she saw him looking out the window into the rainy, gloomy dark day. She heard him say, “Enuresis”. Her reply was, “I’m sorry that this bedwetting has made you so upset” and she felt bad for him. His reply was, “Mom, I said INDOOR RECESS”. She laughed and didn’t feel so bad after all.

Source of the story:

Bed Wetting – 2% of Teenagers Still Suffer From Enuresis

According to a study published in Virtual Medicine, as many as 2% of teenagers experience bed wetting, or nocturnal enuresis.

That translates to millions of teenagers all over the world who continue to hear a confusing message from their medical professional – “Don’t worry, you will outgrow it.”

This message is not statistically accurate. One in fifty teenagers continue to wet the bed and one in one hundred  adults never outgrow bed wetting.

The Center for Bedwetting Treatment, a well-known Bedwetting Clinic, has been successfully treating all age groups since 1975.  They know the bedwetting is a symptom of a sleep problem and offer effective treatment worldwide.  Their program is medication-free and has a 97% success.

Call them at 800.379.2331 for answers to the bed wetting problem and put an end to it for life.