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Bedwetting Punishment: Boy, 10, died of THIRST after his parents refused him water.

Ten year old Jonathan James was denied water for five days and made to stand for hours in a blazing Texas sun because of his bedwetting.  His horrific death was reported in Mail Online, January 16, 2013.  It is one of a litany of tragic episodes of child abuse resulting from two common and dangerous myths about bedwetting.

Parents who believe that their child wets the bed on purpose, or because they are “lazy”, frequently use sever punishments in order to “break” the child’s willful bedwetting, or make the child care enough to stop.

Other parents will deny their child liquids for long periods of time, believing that withholding them will stop urine creation and therefore end the bedwetting. Jonathan’s parents were unable to cope with their frustration and anger at their son resulting from the first myth.  Their plan to stop the bedwetting by following the second myth, when fueled by their anger and rage at him, led to their horrendous treatment of him and ultimately to his death.

Both parents are facing the death penalty if convicted of first degree murder.

At the Center for Bedwetting Treatment, we receive daily calls from parents explaining how frustrated they are about their child’s bedwetting.  We are able to make a difference – end the sleep disorder that is causing the bedwetting – end the bedwetting – end the frustration!

Barbara J. Moore, Founder of the Center for Bedwetting Treatment