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Disservice To Children Suffering From Bedwetting

This blog entry below, which sounds very much like an ad for GoodNites Bed Mats, contains statement that are a disservice to children suffering from bedwetting.

While bedwetting is not something you can “train” your child not to do, it is a deep sleep disorder that can be successfully treated.  Successful treatment of bedwetting ends the child’s sense of shame, being “different”, and ends his/her living with the fear of discovery and an unhealthy deep sleep.

The blog entry tells parents that the child will “outgrow bedwetting as they develop”.  Tell that to the thousands of adolescents and adult bedwetters who were given that advice and who now feel hopeless because the disorder persists.

The disservice in the blog is blatant.  GoodNites are promoted to “cope” with a disorder that minimized and exploited as time-limited and automatically “turns off”.  That deliberately deceptive description of bedwetting justifies the use of GoodNites Mats and even implies that the mats themselves can end and the disorder.  It exploits bedwetting  in order to promote products.

Self-serving product pushing blogs such as this are good for the product, bad for the enuretic.

author:  L. Danuloff, Ph.D.

The Center for Bedwetting Treatment


GoodNites Bed Mats: Dealing with #bedwetting challenges #sponsored

My niece has been using GoodNites Bed Mats for several weeks now. She is four and has been potty-trained since she was about 2-2 1/2 years old. I want to be clear on the difference between potty training and bedwetting, as they’re entirely different issues. It’s not like talking about apples and oranges; it’s like talking about apples and steak.

Bedwetting (aka enuresis) is not something you can “train” your child not to do; it’s a condition that children simply outgrow as they develop. So, while bedwetting can be challenging and frustrating, it’s not something that your child can simply stop doing. That’s why it’s so important to be supportive and encouraging. And it doesn’t hurt to use GoodNites Bed Mats to help cope with the bedwetting in the meantime. You can check out the GoodNites website to get more information on bedwetting.)

In fact, GoodNites Bed Mats has been named a 2013 Product of the Year in the Children’s Category by Product of the Year USA. You can read all about the GoodNites goodness and see for yourself! The concept behind GoodNites Bed Mats is pretty simple: You put them in place on your child’s bed, peel the strips off the adhesive corners, and stick them in place. Boom! Protected from bedwetting accidents!

GoodNites Bed Mats are ample in size and stay in place. I don’t know what effect they’ve had on my niece, but she hasn’t experienced any bedwetting accidents over the last several weeks. She does spend some weekends at a grandparents’ house, so I can’t be 100% that there have been zero accidents, but I’m pretty sure we’ve been accident-free since using the Bed Mats. Now that’s good news!

GoodNites Bed Mats & Bedwetting:

So, one in 9 children over the age of 4 experiences bedwetting from time to time. Unfortunately, almost half of parents think they can train their children out of bedwetting. But they can’t. It simply isn’t a train-able situation. However, while your child is developing and growing — and outgrowing bedwetting — GoodNites Bed Mats can help your child (and you, of course) feel a lot more confident through this period! I know that, for us, using GoodNites Bed Mats has really changed my niece’s attitude about bedtime, and about herself, really. Her self-esteem and confidence have improved dramatically. Is it due to GoodNites? I can’t say for certain. But, as they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Make sure you get your GoodNites coupon! (Please note: This coupon will expire two weeks after printing, so don’t wait to use it!) You can check out GoodNites on Facebook and on Twitter. You can also check out some video reviews of GoodNites on YouTube.

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of GoodNites. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Bedwetting Experience for Children Creates Stress For Moms

The following study evaluated family quality of life with a focus on mothers and their children who wet the bed. It was determined that bedwetting negatively impacts the health related quality of life.

Please visit for information regarding the proper treatment of bedwetting.



There have been few reports addressing how nocturnal enuresis affects the health related quality of life of patients and their mothers. Thus, we evaluated the health related quality of life of enuretic children and their mothers.

Materials and Methods

The health related quality of life of 139 patients with nocturnal enuresis and that of their mothers were evaluated before and after treatment. The children’s health related quality of life was evaluated with the Kid-KINDL® protocol. The mothers’ health related quality of life was evaluated using the SF-36®, the SDS (Self-Rating Depression Scale) for rating depression and the STAI (State-Trait Anxiety Inventory) for assessing anxiety.


In the health related quality of life of enuretic children, the family domain score was significantly lower than that of controls (p = 0.02). In the health related quality of life of the mothers as shown by SF-36, the vitality domain score was significantly lower compared to controls (p = 0.01). The evaluation of the STAI score demonstrated a higher state anxiety score (p = 0.003), which represents current suffering from anxiety, and a similar trait anxiety score (p = 0.22), which represents a similar level of underlying tendency to anxiety. There was no significant difference between the mothers of enuretic children and the controls in the SDS evaluation. After treatment for enuresis the health related quality of life score was improved not only for the enuretic children as assessed by the Kid-KINDL protocol, but also for the mothers of enuretic children as assessed by the SF-36 and STAI.


Similar to other pediatric chronic diseases, nocturnal enuresis is a condition that negatively affects the health related quality of life of children and their mothers. Impaired health related quality of life can be improved after the successful treatment of nocturnal enuresis.

A Different Approach To Treating Bedwetting

The Center for Bedwetting Treatment  has helped our family solve my 9 year old son’s bedwetting problem.  Most families’ first step is to talk with their pediatrician.  We were no different.  But we quickly learned that there is little they are able to do to help.  Pediatricians usually tell you that your child will “grow out of it”.  We know, we sought help from several in the same practice.

This Bedwetting Clinic has a much different approach and has done the research to strategically attack the issue from the true cause.  Our treatment advisor, Claudia, was patient, supportive, and extremely knowledgeable.  Their bedwetting treatment program does take work, and time…just like anything that is worthwhile.

The end result is dry nights and a happier child because his sleep is so different and we can see how much better he handles school and his siblings.  Claudia made the treatment steps needed for our child easy to work into our daily routine.  It really does work!Enuresis-Treatment-Center-Treats-Family-From-Long-Island

Thank you very much Claudia,

Marilyn T.

Nassau County, New York

April 4, 2013