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Bed-wetting Embarrassment Leads to Bullying

bedwetters are bullied
I wonder how far the quote “jokes” will go before someone realizes the true bullying that is occurring with James Argent being outed for bedwetting. Bedwetting, or Enuresis, is actually a problem caused by abnormally deep sleep, which doesn’t allow for the bedwetter’s brain and bladder to connect. There is no guarantee that someone will outgrow bedwetting.  More importantly, if a child or teenager  were to outgrow this problem, they are then left with a sleep disorder that can no longer be treated.I wonder if this was the case with the alcohol related bedwetting event which left Towie Star James Argent in such a deep sleep his bladder could not wake his brain. He might have experienced bedwetting as a child and continues to experience the residual deep sleep problem.  Meanwhile, the psychological impact of bedwetting can be devastating at any age and with any event it is still involuntary.Why the need to bully him? Someone who continues to wet the bed lives with the fear of being discovered and bullied. 



The Daily Star posted the following story


TOWIE’S James Argent in bed-wetting embarrassment

The cast have been joking that the Essex lad needs to join TV rival Geordie Shore where 24-year-old Charlotte Crosby’s weeing antics have become legendary.

Poor Arg, 25, ended up in a mess after a drunken night out in Las Vegas.

He and his co-stars partied until the early hours after finishing filming scenes for a new series of the show which starts tomorrow night on ITV2.

“He wet the bed Geordie Shore style”

Arg blacked out when he got back to his hotel suite and was so boozed up he wet his bed.

Fellow cast member Ferne McCann, 22, revealed: “He wet the bed Geordie Shore style.

“Best we get Arg a nappy for next time.”