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Jennifer Lawrence Discusses Her Bed-Wetting

The newest face of bedwetting:  Jennifer Lawrence was the latest celebrity with a late-night sharing with Conan O’Brian that she wet the bed even at 13.  More intriguing, were her comments about hyperactivity.

40% of our patients at the Center for Bedwetting Treatment present with both bedwetting and ADD/ADHD symptoms.  Beyond the developmental years we know the leading cause of bedwetting is the sleep condition that keeps the individual in a deep state of sleep rather than five stage gradual cycling every 90 minutes.  They wet the bed in the deepest sleep  and wake up sleep deprived!  Chronic bedwetting takes a toll on the individual.  When the brain is tired it can take on many symptoms including distractibility, hyperactivity, and difficulty focusing. Lawrence revealed her rather hyperactive youth, which included medication at one point. She says she looked at every day as a way to start fresh, cool, calm and collected. It just never worked out that way.

Jennifer Lawrence seem to take her bedwetting experience in stride.  “I wet the bed when I was sleeping, and I just thought, ‘Who wets the bed when they’re 13?’ And so I couldn’t wait to get to school and tell everybody, then I went into the bleachers and was like, ‘Everybody, I wet the bed last night,’ thinking everybody was going to think I was so funny and cool, and it was just silent.”

It was generous of Miss Lawrence to be so honest about this very private matter.  Millions of teenagers and young adults who continue to wet the bed can know they are not alone.