Bedwetting Help Sought By 28 Year Old Male – Last Hope for Normal Life

I am a 28yr old male who has always struggled with the embarrassing secret  of  wetting the bed constantly at an older age. When I was younger, my parents diligently did all they could to help me overcome the problem and i can recall scores of visits to the doctors, various gizmo’s, gadgets, alarms, plans, programs, and medication, all with no long term results. In recent years, I had come to my wits end with attempting to rid myself of what I call ‘the curse’ in my life. Work trips, holidays, staying overnight at friends, families, and even girlfriends houses become a nightmare that I have tried to avoid like the plague. After seeing yet another relationship fail due to my low self esteem and fear of staying the night at a house other than my own, i decided to research the problem a little more on the internet. I was disappointed overall because most advice had already been tried and tested and failed. Doctors said I was simply 1 of those 1% in the population that had this problem and nothing could be done.

Now I have also always had a sleep problem. One that doctors have said is unusual and nothing can be done about it. One where I sleep very very deeply. So deeply in fact, that my mother used to say that the house could fall down around me and I would still sleep on. The sleeping problem has always been a separate concern for me with losing more than one job in my past due to the inability to even hear my alarm in the morning. The sleeping problem hasn’t been a great issue over the last year though as I work nights now, go straight to bed when i get home in the morning and have the luxury of plenty of time to sleep till whatever time during the day and still having time before I have to go to work. But the bedwetting remains an issue. However it has often occurred to me that the two must be related. But alas, I have not been able to to find any information on the two being related until today when I found your website. It was almost as if I had found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Everything your website speaks about is exactly spot on!!! You absolutely do know bed wetting and it’s obvious. You clearly tackle the sleeping problem first and it is clearly what affects the bedwetting as well just as I suspected. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I now have hope and must know more!

This is my last hope for a normal life. Please help me.

Kind Regards


The Center for Bedwetting Treatment offers treatment for children, teenagers, and adults.


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