Bedwetting Help – Mom Regrets Delaying Decision

Dear Bedwetting Clinic Staff,


My 12 year old daughter wet every night, often more than once a night.  We tried all the same “everythings” people talk about on your website. We continued to limit her night time drinking, which looking back was really terrible.  We made her wear pull-ups and put a rubber mat down.  We used medicine prescribed by her Pediatrician.  The drugs gave her headaches and she said she never felt right.  The wet nights continued.

The Pediatrician finally recommended a Urologist, who found nothing and said we should have her see a counselor, which we did.  She still wet the bed. It became apparent the medical community was uninformed regarding proper treatment of bedwetting.

My poor daughter began having “accidents” during the daytime.  This increased her embarrassment and confusion.  She kept telling us this was out of her control.  We were heartbroken and very frustrated.  I finally began researching online and found you.  I thought it was a gimmick and waited.

In my heart and soul I regret delaying help for her.  After the initial consultation with Director Leslie Miller, we knew we had found the solution.  Working with one treatment advisor was so beneficial.  Claudia was very supportive and knew exactly what was needed each step of the way.  She was knowledgable in what she was doing to treat the bedwetting problem and I am grateful to her for her guidance.  It was work for all of us and it was worth it!

It took time and money and I feel this is worth the investment because it does work and so happy with my daughter’s results.  Now she is more relaxed, outgoing and participates with her friends more.  No more secrets.  She is able to get up in time for school, way better focus during the day and has said school feels easier.  Her sleep pattern really changed and she is more rested!  I am so thankful we found you.

Marion, Orange County


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