Bedwetting: My Hope For Help Started To Grow


I am writing this letter to thank you the most amazing people in the world, everyone at the Center for Bedwetting Treatment in Michigan.  Thank you for giving me the ability to live a normal life like any other kid.  I was so lucky to get this opportunity of meeting you and working with you.  Your “Stop Bedwetting Program” made me realize that any problem can have a solution.

Every time I had visited doctors (pediatricians and pediatric urologist) before – and I have visited sooooo many – they always used to tell me that my bedwetting will go away when I grow up, and that I would need to take medication till it does go away.  I aways dreaded that this problem will stay with me all my life and I did not like the idea of taking drugs for it either.

When I entered your program, hope started to grow, and as improvements started, I began to have FAITH that I might really be able to get rid of my oh so disturbing problem.

My parents have helped me all my life.  My life was simply boring.  I was not able to do what I always wanted to do which was sleep over at friends or cousins or going out camping.  Whenever I did do any of these, which was very rare, it was always with worries and use of medications which I only used in such events.  It was very hard to cope with this and I always dreaded anyone knowing about the bedwetting.  Bullying is a reality here…

When we found your wonderful website, my parents and I read everything.  To tell you the truth, the letters made me realize I was not alone, and you knew how to help me.

We decided to drive to the clinic.  The first meeting with Barbara was so relaxed and it helped me calm down a little bit.  I was shy and uncomfortable at the beginning.  Lorie became our treatment advisor, and was very nice, kind, caring and helpful and explained everything.  Lorie took us step-by-step through a treatment plan that made me feel like “Wow, this is so thorough and makes so much sense.”  When the last day of treatment finally came I was ecstatic, however I felt sad at the same time.  I was going to miss talking to Lorie who helped me and with whom I shared my most embarrassing secret.

Now I am living a life of a NORMAL KID with no worries none whatsoever about wetting my bed.  I feel that your program, Lorie and Barbara gave me back my life.

I would like to send a message to al the other kids who face a problem similar to mine:  You can have a normal life just like me and like hundreds of other kids.  I hope that you will be privileged enough to have someone like Nurse Lorie help you. Thank you.

I will never be able to thank you and the Center for Bedwetting Treatment Staff enough!


Kim O.  15



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