Sleepwalking and Bedwetting – Sister Symptoms

ABC news has reported “Taylor Gammel, 19, was missing for at least three hours one night last week after she walked out of her parents’ home in Denver, Colorado. Police said that they think Gammel was asleep as she traveled nine miles to an area near her uncle’s home.”

Dr. Jennifer Ashton stated during a Good Morning America segment that there is no treatment for sleepwalking, and the cause is unclear.

The Enuresis Treatment Center, a bedwetting clinic, knows the bedwetting’s relationship to sleep, and knows about the  likelihood that Taylor is also a bedwetter. If that’s the case, there is, in fact, treatment.

Enuresis-Treatment-CenterFounder, Barbara Moore, states “Thousands of our patients over the years have experienced both sleepwalking and bedwetting. Thousands more had siblings who were sleepwalkers.”

What is clear at the Enuresis Treatment Center is that the end to chronic bedwetting is through the treatment of a deep, non-arousable sleep, which is not a normal, healthy pattern. This is actually a discovery based on scientific research.

Founder Barbara Moore discovered a seminal study that ended the mystery of bedwetting.  The result of the study “Sleep Disorders of Arousal,” by Roger J. Broughton, shows the differences in normal sleep patterns and those of a bedwetter and a sleepwalker. A big difference!

Forty years later, the clinical data continues to show that the deep sleep pattern is the problem, which creates symptoms of bedwetting, as well as sleepwalking.  The place to focus proper treatment is with the very deep sleep.

If walking nine miles in socks never awakened Taylor Gammel, this is clearly indicative of an different pattern of sleep – too deep to receive a signal from the bladder.  Again, by itself, sleepwalking is not a treatable condition. If we discover that she is also a bedwetter, they have a treatment program.


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